Monday, 14 February 2011


Friday, 11 February 2011


you may remember this post featuring some kate kanzier shoes that i recently purchased, in which i mentioned their Show Me Your Style contest.
Whilst frantically checking my emails (ohhh the mystery grows...!!) i received one from the lovely people at Kate Kanzier, informing me that I won the contest! I've never won anything in my life before, and this involved shoes! very very cool! the excitement did, however, cause me to mis-thread my loom which took about an hour to redo, win some, you loose some!

and a massive thanks to Rhi for taking the photos, and to Kate Kanzier for being awesome.

rust and turquoise

fashion season has started! well exciting! and with it, a very exciting possibility that i will say NOTHING about, just incase i jinx it. but, it means i will be insanely busy for the next few days, and possibly weeks.
related to this possibility, i have compiled a trend report for pre-fall 2011. i had never really paid all that much attention to pre-fall collections, except when a designer has really interested me (missoni is an awesome example!)
but anyway, for someone who loves autumn more than any other season, it gives a little glimmer of excitement for when it gets cold again, after, if, when, please, it gets warm again..!

images from, photoshopping and words by me.

writing is something i have always enjoyed and been okay at, but never felt any particular confidence with, so please don't laugh if it sounds like shite! i really really enjoyed putting this together (even though i was stressed as hell, with flatmates going away, the house needing cleaning, a lovely italian student coming to live with us and a LOT of uni work to do...phew...) and i think i'll keep doing them for fun anyway!

i'd love to hear what you think, so do leave a comment! i will actually try and comment on the blogs i read, but i promise a reply! on my honour! and yes, i do have honour...

Sunday, 6 February 2011


So, the contents of the UP box!

yeah, that's a floral hip-flask! awesome!

taking these photos was the first time i had gone otuside and shot them myself...i was so nervous, i nearly ran away so many times! i don't THINK anyone could see me, but i was just so afraid of people laughing at me!!
These culottes are so so comfortable..reduced from £60 to £10! they had a plain black pair as well which i WIIISH i had got, they're just such a good fit! and just imagine with these all over them....

the back of this blouse is as awesome as the front, i might experiment with wearing it back to front...

little red

Wow, how did it get to Sunday?! This term has been flying past at an all-too-fast rate!
Here is an outfit from Wednesday

I couldn't resist the swirling of the much fun!!
The little red suitcase was from a very elderly neighbour of mine who unfortunately had to move into a nursing home last year. i also have a fantastic mustard coloured one, but unfortunately they're so heavy as to make them completely impractical to carry anywhere! but, very pretty and useful for holding bags and bed sheets!
I bought this tshirt last year when i was in Florence at a trade fair with uni...i love the illustration! i can't remember who the illustrator is, but it's so creepy and dark and cute!

it's not my usual style of top, as i usually choose things that are slightly more fitted but it makes a nice change!

I arrived home from uni that evening to find this beautiful thing outside my door:
exciiiiting! I had ordered some items in the UO sale (which is pretty awesome!)
You'll have to wait to see what's inside!
(that would have worked SO much better if i'd actually written this when i meant to...)

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend!

Annah x

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

nailing it...?

I have awful nails. awful awful.
I bite them and always have, and i always vow to stop and then get drunk and bite them off again. horrible!
but, after seeing this ace little tutorial for 'tie-dye' nails on MJ's blog (smart AND awesomely stylish!) i thought i would give it a go!
i tried it first off for a graffiti party i went to (so much tequila= so much fun!) on saturday (didn't bite them off!!) but then redid them on sunday, and here is the result!

i really love them! definitely going to try it again!
i was telling my friend about how to do it on the bus and a girl turned around and said she had seen another tutorial online and would definitely try it now, so thanks MJ! beautiful nails all round thanks to you!!

I'm needing pretty nails to keep my spirits up at the moment- i seem to be sitting at the bottom of a hill and my walking boots just aren't on to get back up to the top!
nice metaphor..not.
anyway, here is a lacklustre photoshop of my outfit today...

oh, and if anyone has any tips on getting through a creative project that you just aren't feeling, don't care about and want to stop right now, not carry on until the end of term...
please. let me know..