Monday, 10 October 2011

a very happy birthday..

...(slightly belatedly) to my wonderful boyfriend Jake (: I just wanted to use this post as a quick celebration of how much I love him, and how special he is to me! Coincidently, we met two years ago tonight. If that night hadn't happened, I can't imagine being half as happy as I am right now (:
I spent the weekend with Jake, and truly wish I was still there instead of 300 miles away.
Brighton Beach.
This stone is now a necklace around my neck (:
Out for dinner...
...and lunch, with Jake's friends trying to out-do us as a couple!


  1. Sweet post!

  2. cute post and i love your style of presentation :)

  3. Hey Eggs :p

    Do you have a contact email? I will be visiting your country soon (wheeeeee) and would like to ask your advice about something!

    Bas xx

  4. Eggs, beware of my salad! I have recurring onion breath and pink wee and a burnt tongue (that one's entirely my fault though, rice tasting) but I would say if you're going to make it, roast the beets whole in a bit of olive oil and then take the skins off after and only then chop them up. I tried roasting some already chopped ones and the skins went super crusty amd was hard to take off on small pieces :/ wee can be fun. Lots of fun ways to take advantage of pink wee. email is acoming xx


Thank you so much for reading, I will be sure to visit your blog!

Annah xxx