Sunday, 18 March 2012

new 30x30

So...i'm not even sure that anyone follows this any more, but if you DO and you're interested in seeing my 30x30 results, follow my blog here (:

A quick explanation of the absence - THIRD YEAR IS BLOODY HECTIC AND THAT'S ALL I NEED TO SAY!!!!

Maybe when I'm an unemployed graduate I'll have time to read the things I want to....

Sunday, 13 November 2011

wishing in the golden glow.

This is what I wore on Friday, 11.11.11. I could have gone for a whimsical, wishy outfit but I woke up late, so that went out the window! I was also wearing a poppy, of course, but it got lost in the gym changing rooms.
Although no wishes came true (there's not world peace yet, is there?!) I did have a really good day - sent off a draft of my first dissertation chapter, finished weaving and spent my last night sleeping alone as today Jake moves down! So exciting!
Jumper - H&M
Shirt - Primark
Jeans - New Look
Finished weaving!

My evening did have a slightly magical feel to it - my flatmate Ed cooked us gumbo, with chicken and chorizo and it was INCREDIBLE. Literally, one of the best things I've ever eaten! He really is a wonderful chef, do you remember the tequila mussels?! I do! We watched Blues Brothers (which i'd never seen) so all in all it was a very American evening!

Anyway, I must go and pick up Jake from the station! Woo hoo!

Friday, 11 November 2011

burgundy & navy

This is what I wore the other day for a day full of dissertation and weaving! Along with most of the blogging world, I'm obsessed with navy and burgundy at the moment. Such a great match. 
Dress - H&M
Tights - New Look
Boots - Dr Martins


Image from here
I wished for a wiser world, where respect and love counts for more than selfness and greed.

(Is it a coincidence that as of today, I have 111 followers?!)

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

sing the greys.

The title of this post is a song by the Scottish band, Frightened Rabbit. I hadn't listened to them for ages, and I'm glad I remembered them! Love his voice..
I seem to be in a 'grey phase' at the moment - there's just something I love about the softness of the colour. Not as all-consuming as black, or as harsh as white. 
I've been wearing this H&M jumper a lot recently. I have it in blue as well, but this one is a size too big. In retrospect, I wish I'd bought it a size too small, but it's so comfy anyway! The slip dress is from Urban Outfitters and the jeans (which are a bit baggy at the moment :/) are from New Look

grey and yellow.

An outfit post! For the first time in so long! I don't know why I'd got in the mindset that taking photos was such a chore, cause it really isn't. Easy as pie. Or caramel shortbread. Which isn't actually that easy. (Scroll down to see evidence of my Sunday baking...) And actually, the light in my room is so bad that taking outfit photos isn't that easy either. Easy enough though. Anyway.
Two items that I haven't worn since before the summer. I've got this jumper in a dark orange too, and I love it. But you know when you don't wear a colour for a while and then get a bit scared of it? Bright yellow is definitely one of those colours! And this dress is slightly on the short side, but I think I just about get away with it!
And all bundled up against the crisp air in a Topshop jacket and H&M scarf.
I don't know about where you are, but the air has really started to get that winter bite to it here. I love it - it always fills me full of excitement. Until I remember how cold my room is, anyway...brrr..
Oh, and I nearly forgot...Sunday baking for Monday bake sale...!
(it was damned good..)

Monday, 7 November 2011

a uneeka life.

On Friday, my uni was 'blessed' with a burst water main, meaning we were all sent home at 2pm. Fortunately, it wasn't a stressful day so I decided to visit Cornwall's 'city', Truro. In terms of cities, it's tiny, but a really lovely place with some delightful little shops.
One I always visit is Uneeka. Specialising in unique, ethical, fair trade goods, it's like Cornwall's own little Anthropologie. They had changed the layout since I last visited, making it much more spacious and adding a little cafe on the top floor (why on earth didn't I pop up and get a coffee..?!). They were in the process of redecorating when I was there, but I had a lovely chat with the owner who let me take a few snaps that I couldn't resist sharing! On the off-chance any of you Brits are in Cornwall soon, visit! It's a real treat. 

I love how the jewellery is presented in bell-jars and museum like cabinets - it makes everything seem that much more unique and special!
I love the brightness and lightness of this display..
So obsessed with these floors...apparently they are salvaged from India.
So, what do you think? Itching to visit?!

Do you have any local treasures like this?